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We offer auto repairs and maintenance on the following:

  • Alternators & Starters: Have you noticed your headlights dimming while driving? Is your battery constantly running out of power? This may mean your alternator is not working properly. If your car will not start and you have replaced the battery, your starter may need to be replaced. We will explain exactly what is wrong with your car, what needs to be replaced, and what is optional for your car to function properly. Our team will also provide you with an estimate prior to making any repairs.


  • Brake Inspection & Repair: Brake inspections should be a regular part of your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance. Inspecting and repairing brakes ensures the car’s safety and reliability, and we recommend brakes to be inspected at least once a year. If you believe your brakes need to be repaired, bring your car to us, and we will give you a free, honest assessment of your repair needs.


  • Carburetor Service: If your car has trouble starting, hesitates, stalls, has a rough idle, floods, or idles too fast and has poor fuel economy, your carburetor may need to be replaced. We recommend that car owners have their vehicles’ carburetor serviced on a yearly basis.


  • Electrical Repairs: With technology advancing at a rapid rate, electrical repairs are quickly becoming more complicated. The most important part of your car’s electrical system is the battery and the alternator. We recommend if you are having problems with the battery or alternator, bring your vehicle to our shop. We will access the car and give an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s issues.


  • Engine Repairs: If your check engine light appears on your dashboard, your engine should be inspected immediately. There is no way to determine the nature of your vehicle’s problem without connecting a scan tool to the vehicle’s diagnostic connector to read fault codes. When this has been completed, we can further diagnose and test the car to the isolate the fault so it can be fixed.


  • Fuel Injection Repair: If you want your car to run at its peak performance, you must have a clean fuel injector. Injectors that are dirty and do not deliver their normal dose of fuel will cause your car’s performance, fuel economy, and emissions to suffer. Dirty injectors do not allow as much fuel flow as clean ones allow, and they cannot deliver the correct spray pattern that is essential for clean, efficient combustion. If you believe your fuel injector is dirty, please contact Griffin’s Auto Repair.


  • Maintenance Tips: If you wish to prolong the life of your car well beyond its warranty, you should ensure that your car has routine maintenance and repair services. Take your vehicle to a repair shop that uses quality parts and has skilled technicians, so your car will perform long after your car’s warranty expires. At Griffin’s Auto Repair, we can tailor our repair procedures and maintenance schedules to conform to what suits our customers’ needs.


  • Preventive Maintenance: If you read about the maintenance schedule in your vehicle’s owner manual, it will describe the basic schedule intended to preserve the systems of your car while it is under its original warranty. It is not intended to prolong the life of your car, which is why you should bring your car in for routine maintenance and repair services. Our technicians are specially trained to repair cars under warranty, so please bring your vehicle to Griffin’s Auto Repair!


  • Suspension: Your car’s suspension system is an intricate network of components that is designed to give you a smooth, stable ride. If these components are not functioning properly, your suspension may need to be repaired. So many things can go wrong with a car that can affect its suspension, but our expert technicians can diagnose a suspension or steering issue quickly and efficiently.